Austrian Association of Inclusive Society (AIS) is a non-governmental organization based in Vienna, Austria, dedicated to interdisciplinary research that promotes innovation and collaboration in the fields of human rights, social inclusion and development.

AIS’s activities include research and analysis, evaluations, publications and advocacy, as well as convene and facilitate the exchange of ideas and open discussions that stimulate new thinking on current issues in Europe, while keeping a global perspective.

AIS holds conferences, workshops, trainings and other events that focus on social development , behavioural change and foster inclusion of youth and marginalised groups.

AIS has a strong reputation for producing independent quality studies, as well as engaging in international collaborative support and promoting good practices that generate relevant work. Inclusive Society currently works in delivering a wide variety of projects and advocates strategic influence in a range of sectors that touch on our focus thematic areas.

Staff members and volunteers are committed to fight for equal rights for all and to promote the full inclusion of socially disadvantaged, disabled and marginalised people in all aspects of life.


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The key persons involved in this company and so in the project:

Francesca Buccione

Senior Project Manager

Dana Yatsenko

Research Associate