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Project Result 1

Desk research and literature review to collect integration and inclusion programs and relevant information on essential services for each partner country; secure mobile application and integration of previously researched content into the application.



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Project Result 2

Creation of mentoring guidelines, collection of resources, overview of expertise of partners and participating network, selection of mentees for the program, documentation of mentoring process, struggles of mentees, solutions, useful tools.

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Project Result 3

Draft of a curriculum and learning units based on target group needs - creation of learning units by partners - translation of units into local languages - feedback during Stakeholder Feedback Sessions on created material and improvement afterwards.

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Project Result 4

Draft of an interactive learning platform - translation of created learning units into content for platform - population of platform with content - presentation of platform to target group during stakeholder feedback session - piloting of platform - improvement after piloting phase with provided feedback.

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Project Result 5

Creation of guidelines and form for the manual - project leaders will document creation of project results with special emphasis on how 3rd parties could replicate these results - each partner will provide a collection of tools that they used in producing the project result in their documentation.