“Migration is an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety, and a better future. It is part of the social fabric, part of our very make-up as a human family.”

Ban Ki-Moon

NAVI-MIG is a project within the framework of the European Erasmus+ programme. It is being developed with the aim to contribute to the integration of newly arrived migrants into European countries. The project not only concerns migrants who have recently arrived in Europe or who have relocated within Europe, but also municipalities, NGOs, humanitarian organisations, educational institutions, and other organisations that focus on the integration and inclusion of migrants.

The successful integration of migrants in a new country is crucial for our societies. It can contribute positively to shortages in the labour market as well as to the growth of a country’s income.
NAVI-MIG is being implemented by partners from Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Portugal, Finland.

The project consists of five project results.

The first result is the Mobile Application: NAVI-MIG – A Roadmap for Migrants in Europe. The mobile application is nearly finished and soon will be available for download! In order for the mobile application to reach its completion, it was necessary for the partners to collect information about their countries and more specifically the cities they live in. The collected information includes details about housing, welfare and healthcare services, integration programmes, language teaching programmes, education, banking, transportation, and many more. All this information has been uploaded on the mobile application, which will be soon available for migrants and will help them navigate their new residence country with increased self-confidence and self-reliance.

Giving newly arrived migrants the benefit of having access to all information through their mobile phones is a huge step towards their successful integration into another country. Today, almost everyone owns a mobile phone and through the NAVI-MIG mobile application, the project promises an essential tool for the orientation and navigation of migrants.

The second and the third project results are also in progress. The second project result is the Mentoring Programme for Migrant Inclusion in which a network of experts will provide support via a one-on-one mentoring programme, based on the individual needs of migrants.

The third project result is the Digital Training Programme for Labour Market Integration, in which a curriculum is being developed containing inclusive learning opportunities for accessing the labour market. The curriculum will be incorporated in an Interactive Digital Inclusion Platform, which will be the fourth result of the project.

Finally, the last project result is the Manual for Sustainable Project Results that will provide a step-by-step guide on every project result, recommendations on how to use each project result, and even contribute to the results by expanding them (especially in the case of the NAVI-MIG mobile application).

It is also worth noting that the project is evaluated by an external evaluator and by stakeholders that are experts in the field, who give their feedback at several important stages of the project. Their contribution is valuable and essential for the successful completion of this very promising project!

NAVI-MIG is expected to be completed in about two years and its total duration is 3 years.

Article written by Anna Rouvi
GrantXpert Consulting Ltd

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